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Allan Grant is a Ukrainian-born entrepreneur and software developer. Most recently Allan co-founded Hired, an online marketplace where companies compete to hire technical talent such as software engineers, designers, data scientists, and product managers. Job seekers use Hired to discover their dream job through a structured process where pre-vetted companies send job offers with compensation details up-front. Hired has raised more than $100M and is the fastest growing company in the recruiting space.

Before Hired, Allan started 6 other companies with multiple failures and some success. In 2010, Allan co-founded Talkable, a company funded by YCombinator, 500Startups, GoAhead Ventures, and more than 30 angel investors. Today Talkable is the leading refer-a-friend marketing platform for ecommerce companies, with headquarters in San Francisco and a team of 35 people in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2004, while still in college, Allan started Webmasters International, a web development outsourcing company with a team of 40 people in Mykolaiv, Ukraine.


Country: United States of America
Position: Co-founder & CTO
Organization: Hired

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